The Builder Marketing Society is a professional organization with a focus on the growing needs of companies specializing in New Home Sales and Marketing. Our members are a sales and marketing outsource for home builders, who have become opposed to the high cost of " in house " sales and marketing staffs, and are seeking an extremely cost effective alternative to handling those disciplines. Many of our member companies provide sales and marketing services, for home builders on a contractual consulting basis, in addition to their "in house" departments. Our members represent and consult for many of BUILDER magazine's, "THE BUILDER 400", and PROFESSIONAL BUILDER magazine's, "THE PROFESSIONAL BUILDER 100", besides a great number of medium to small volume home builders. It has been estimated that The Builder Marketing Society, member companies, perform sales, marketing, and consulting services for home builders, that results in 8 to 10 percent of the annual new homes sold each year.

Companies interested in becoming candidates for membership, should contact The Builder Marketing Society, for criteria, and qualifications. Members include independent new home sales and marketing companies, general real estate companies, with dedicated new home divisions, also the finest industry experts and consultants, with companies specializing in sales programs, sales training, and sales management, as well as the creation of marketing plans and programs, advertising and other various media programs, and market research, for better developer and builder decision making, not to mention some of the best interior design firms, specializing in the model home merchandising, and sales office design.

The Builder Marketing Society was solely created for the benefit of New Home Sales and Marketing Specialists, and their executive management staff. Members typically belong to the National Association of Home Builders ( NAHB ), the National Sales and Marketing Council ( SMC ), and many to the National Association of Realtors ( NAR ). Member companies meet together 3 times each year, for the purpose of expanding sales and marketing horizons, identifying trends, solving market challenges, and advancing professional standards. We help members understand, what their competitors wish they knew. The Builder Marketing Society is an international organization with over 70 member companies in the United States and Canada.
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