The Builder Marketing Society is managed by the membership. This is accomplish through a Board of Governors. A company becomes a member of the Builder Marketing Society when it applies for membership , and passes all the member criteria, qualifies geographically, and the Board of Trustees approves the application . Once a company has been voted membership, a principle officer of that company will sit as a member the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors is made up of a principle officer from each member company. The Board of Governors has elected a Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees consists of 12 principle members from the Board of Governors. The Board of Trustees elects a Chairman, who is responsible for the overall well being of the organization, and appoints an Executive Director, to work with the Chairman on administration and new membership. The Board of Governors meets two times each year to make suggestions and decisions, on the direction of the organization and on the planning of future meetings, events and locations. The Board of Trustees meet three times each year, to review direction from the Board of Governors, to make policy and business decisions. All applications for membership are acted on, as submitted, to the Board of Trustees, and are not carried to the next meeting.
 Associate Membership

As of October 1995 The Builder Marketing Society, Inc. has adopted as "Associate" Membership category. Associate members are made up from the service sector of the building and marketing industry. This would include but not be limited to consultants, motivators, trainer, interior design firms, advertising agencies, shopping companies, mortgage brokers, architects and magazine editors. This list does not constitute the full range of Associate companies. Each candidate who applies will be evaluated on the basis of the level of service they provide to the builder marketing and sales companies, and their ability to further industry standards and objectives.

Associate Memberships will be limited to one half of the overall total of BMS membership at any one time. It is the belief of the Board of Governors and Trustees that this limitation will benefit both Member Companies and Associates; it will keep the balance of "service companies" and "industry companies". Any company that applies for an Associate membership after the quota has been met will be kept in review and will be notified when eligibility becomes available.

Associate members will carry the same rights of membership as member companies. A designated, principal member from each Associate company will serve on the Board of Governors where they will vote on matters concerning the Society.

Associates can be elected to a Trustee position, but there will only be six Trustee positions at any one time for Associate members. This ratio is in keeping with the overall membership ratio.

The guidelines for membership are reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees and the Board of Governors. Any changes and/ or improvements made will be those judged as in the best interest of maintaining the high standards desired by the members. We are proud of the members of the Society and pledge to them our continued diligence in ensuring that those attracted to the organization are of equal caliber.
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