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The Board of Trustees have adopted the following basic guidelines for Company membership:
1. The company must have a new home sales operation that is separate and distinct from any othergeneral brokerage or real estate services and be sponsored by at least one of the present member companies.
Each candidate organization must prove, to the Board's satisfaction, that it specializes in professionally representing builders and developers as an independent function of its total operations. It must maintain a New Home Sales or Builder Marketing Services division, headed by a full-time manager and support staff to adequately serve its builder-developer clients. If the company is involved in general real estate resales, the candidate must verify new home sales are managed separately and serviced by experienced new home sales representative.
2. The candidate company must be independent from any of the building entities it represents and must function freely for multiple builders in its geographic market area.
Membership is limited to those companies who earn their right to exist as outside sales contracting specialists as contrasted with captive in-house management staffs. In-house sales organizations are not eligible for membership. Members must also verify that they represent more than one builder or developer in their marketing area. Any exclusive relationship that prohibits them from serving other builders will be viewed as de fact "in-house captive relationship."
3. The new home company or department must have two or more years of proven experience in operating new home sales programs (independent from general brokerage activities). If experience qualifications are not adequate at the time of application, the Board of Trustees may hold the application in review status until such have been met.
Prospective candidates are asked to complete a membership application form that details references, project experience, sales volume and individual performance records. Until candidate firms have a minimum of two years' traceable experience in specialized new home sales (not general real estate builder representation) and have been recommended by at least one member of the Society, their applications are held in suspense. The Trustees then will evaluate the information and, if necessary, check references. All applications will be held in review status until the Board of Trustees is convinced their membership meets the requirements for knowledge and professional management.
4. The candidate company must prove that it follows a high standard of ethics in all its activities with the public and its clients.
If there is any question about the value standards of the company, the Board of Trustees may order a full investigation to determine eligibility and/or continued membership.
5. Maintain membership and participation in the National Association of Home Builders and the National Sales and Marketing Council.
All member companies must maintain membership in the National Association of Home Builders and be active in the National Sales and Marketing Council of that organization. Memberships in other organizations such as The National Association of Realtors and The Urban Land Institute, are favorably considered when evaluating a candidate's application. The Society's primary purpose is to serve the interests of builders and developers. Therefore, it is essential that members actively participate in the organization(s) representing the interest of its clients.
6. One or more of the individual members from a member company must attend at least one annual Society meeting.
The underlying value of the Society is in providing a forum for sharing information and improving the quality of each member's services. Therefore, the Trustees have established basic guidelines that require each member firm to be represented by at least one representative at no less than one meeting annually. Company membership is subject to termination for failure to comply and participate in the special conventions and conferences that are the educational and social heart of the Society. Exceptions due to unusual circumstances may be occasionally made but valid exemption must be shown.
7. Membership in the Society is revalidated annually, is nontransferable, and individual members who leave a member firm lose their memberships unless they associate with another member firm or reapply for membership under their new company.
Membership is maintained on an annual basis and all renewals must be completed and dues paid within the first quarter of the succeeding year. Invoices for dues will be sent out in December of the preceding year. A brief questionnaire and an invoice for renewal fees will be forwarded to the member company for completion thirty (30) days before the anniversary date (January 1). If a member company is sold, merged, changes name or otherwise alters its nature of doing business, it must submit a new Application for Membership. All dues and fees for authorized services ordered by the member must be paid within thirty days of receipt of invoice. Failure to maintain annual dues and expenses is automatic cause for termination.

Individuals representing member companies must have prior approval of their employers and the Board of Trustees of the Society. If they leave a member company, their names are dropped from the roster and a request is made to the member firm to submit replacement candidates.
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